You Never Know Your Luck by Gilbert Parker

I recently visited Toronto to watch Canada Reads 2017, which was amazing. But wait! There’s more!

Just in case the trip wasn’t enough of a book-nerd pilgrimage, I also (of course) went to as many bookstores as possible – including Monkey’s Paw on Bloor Street, which is where I picked up this beauty.

The best part is that I didn’t quite pick it up on purpose: Monkey’s Paw has a book vending machine. For a trendy and thrifty price of two dollars, it rings a bell and spits out an “old and unusual” volume.  As you can see, I got one with a fitting title.

And I think I actually might read it for kicks – it has zero reviews on Goodreads, the dubious subtitle of “Being the Story of a Matrimonial Deserter, and was published by a Canadian author in 1914.

To give you an idea of the breadth of subject matter covered by this vending machine, my two companions pulled an illustrated guide to birds and a slim instructional volume explaining law and litigation in Soviet Russia.


Oh, do you want to watch a video about how it works? Well, you should!



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