Saga, volume seven, by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples

There’s not too much I can say about Saga that I haven’t raved about already – it’s one of the best current and ongoing graphic novel series, mixing science fiction into an anti-war narrative that manages to punch you right in the gut with every issue. Against all odds, every volume is just as good as the first.

Like Volume Six, I scammed this copy off my pal Scott, who works in a book shop and tortured me with the fact that he had stacks of this beauty in the back room a full ten days before he was allowed to sell it to anyone.

Awkward editor’s note: while I faithfully recorded volumes two and six entering the house, it seems I somehow missed volumes three through five? How I can post about so many books and STILL be missing some is a mystery and a terror to me.

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