The One Hundred Nights of Hero by Isabel Greenberg

My favourite feeling in the whole world might be waiting months for a book to come in at the library – and the intense satisfaction when you finally hold it in your hands.

Isabel Greenberg’s first graphic novel (to which this one is a not-quite sequel) The Encyclopedia of Early Earth was one of the very last books I read last year, in those odd, grey, in-between days after Christmas and before the new year. It’s not a graphic novel so much as a collection of short graphic stories, linked together by the journey of the storyteller. Her artwork is beautiful, minimal, with punchy colour and whimsical linework. She reinterprets and reconstitutes and rehashes myths and legends and the idea of how the world was created and what it means to record history and fall in love. In short, it’s mind-blowingly lovely. And now that I’ve waited five COUNT ‘EM, FIVE months for this not-quite sequel to reach my hot little hands, I’m going to put down the computer and crawl into bed and read it cover-to-cover. Happy Saturday.

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