30 Under 30, edited by a.m. kozak

I’ve been buying a lot of poetry this year – more poetry books than ever before. The newest on the pile is an anthology of Canadian millennial poets – the only anthology of its kind in the world, which is an interesting if somewhat dubious claim.

30 Under 30 is published by In/Words Magazine and Press, which runs out of a tiny office on the Carleton Campus.  In/Words is like most small presses based on university campuses: sometimes pretentious and insufferable, but when it’s not either of those things it’s a lovely fresh breath of new poets and sheer enthusiasm.

This anthology is the latter, filled to the brink with poets everyone in Canada – especially young people in Canada – ought to be reading. Poems about selfies, social media, the necessity and mortifying reality of living with your parents into your twenties, dating in a digital age – it’s all there. Poetry you can relate to, sink your teeth into.

I bought it specifically because it hosts a poem from my favourite living poet, Kayla Czaga, whose poetry collection For Your Safety Please Hold On I also bought this year. You can actually read the poem she includes in this anthology over at Maisonneuve, where it was originally published under the title “Orbit.” Happily, she says, 30 Under 30 let her rename it under her preferred title – “Selfie.”

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