Everything is Awful and You’re a Terrible Person by Daniel Zomparelli

I want to start this by saying two things: first, that “Daniel Zomparelli” is a GREAT name, and I know he didn’t pick it, but by GOD, it’s so good, and two, this cover makes it intensely difficult to get a good photo. I love the cover design but it’s also the bane of my poor blogging existence. But hey, can I really complain when Arsenal Pulp Press was kind enough to send me a free copy of this book to review in Raspberry Magazine later this summer?

I’ve really worked on becoming more of a short story person in the last year or so, and I think it’s worked out pretty well. I’m excited to dig into this one, which was recently featured in the New York Times, and sounds equal parts sarcastic and vulnerable. Added bonus: Daniel Zomparelli is flipping hilarious on Twitter. 

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