Troutstream by Gerald Lynch

So this week, someone named David cleaned out his bookshelves and left the pickings on my local coffee shop community bookshelf. I know this, because his name is scrawled in the front cover of a ton of new books – including Infinite Jest, which means my coffee shop is officially a Hipster Destination – as well as where he bought the book and the month and year. It’s a neat little slice of some stranger’s book history.

I picked out two for myself, including this one and Beautiful Losers by Leonard Cohen. I’ve been meaning to read Beautiful Losers for a while, but I’ve frankly never heard of Troutstream before. I was going to put it back, but then I saw the front blurb describing it as “an elegant commentary on the wasted state of Canadian and North American suburban culture,” which is pretty much what I wrote my Master’s thesis on, so how can I resist? One day, maybe even soon, I’ll pop back in and tell you if it’s any good.

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