Spill Zone by Scott Westerfield and Alex Puvilland

After a Chernobyl-esque accident obliterates an entire community, the survivors are moved out of town and the contaminated area – the spill zone – is barricaded. Addison was out of bounds only by sheer luck on the night of the Spill, and now her livelihood depends on sneaking back in. She photographs the strange, uncanny wreckage and sells the images for profit – images of debris that seems to be alive, of animals and corpses twisted and possessed by some strange animating force. It’s dangerous work, but it’s the only way Addison knows how to provide for her little sister after the Spill took the lives of her parents – and the only way she knows how to interrogate and investigate what, exactly, happened in the accident – and who’s responsible, and whether or not her parents are truly dead.

I loved Westerfeld’s dystopian Uglies series ten years ago, and I was interested to see what he’d do in a graphic novel format, so I snapped my way onto the library hold list as soon as it became available. It’s a beautiful book – glossy pages, vibrant art – and the story is as intriguing as it is uncanny. I do feel a little cheated, though – because the Goodreads description led me to believe that Spill Zone was a stand-alone story, when in fact it ends with a cliffhanger and I have to wait for a second volume. Boo.


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