Just Like Family by Kate Hilton

I have an embarrassing weakness for 50 Book Pledge badges, and on this occasion that weakness led me to Just Like Family by Kate Hilton. It’s not my usual fare, and I was frankly startled at how much I related to it. Premise: strong female protagonist works for local politician, scandal breaks, and she begins to learn what the reader already knows – he’s an asshole, and he’s been using her incredible professional ability to hide the total lack of his own. It’s about standing up and not letting other people manipulate you; it’s about being aware of the labour you do and not letting labour be the focus of your life, even if you love it. It’s a little cliche, and the reader can tell pretty well exactly where it’s going at all times, but that doesn’t make it any less important or heart-wrenching.


    1. And there’s nothing wrong with a little bit of cliche once in a while. Cliches are cliches because they WORK. Sometimes it’s really nice to slip into something a little bit predictable with a happy ending, you know?

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