Feast by Lindsay Anderson and Dana VanVeller

I’ve been on a hold list at my local library for eight months to try and get my hands on Feast, and I finally found it by happy accident on the Express shelf. (As you might have noticed, I might have a bit of an obsession with my library’s Express shelf)

The premise is just so, so wonderful, and I wish I’d thought of it first: two friends go on a months-long road trip across Canada to explore local cuisines across the country. Farmer’s markets, local producers, people’s mother’s mother’s recipes, award-winning restaurants, up-and-coming hipster hotspots. The result is this book: surprisingly unpretentious, gorgeously designed, and straight from the heart. It’s about friendship as much as it’s about a love of food, and it’s a love not really for Canada, but for the people who make Canada what it is or what it could be – respecting traditions and building new ones. It’s extremely difficult to identify with any kind of nationalism when CanLit is such a dumpster fire, and Canada itself is also a dumpster fire, but I’m cautiously identifying with the sort of nationalism in this book – the kind that says everyone has a spot in the kitchen and around the dinner table. Is that too optimistic or idealistic? Probably. I struggle with it but I love it, and here we are.

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