The Ghost Box by Hingston and Olsen


2017 marks the third year in a row that I will be getting the brilliant Short Story Advent Calendar from Hingston and Olsen. You know what’s better than one small piece of shitty chocolate every day? A brilliant short story every morning. It’s such an obvious and lovely solution for bookworms at Christmas.

But wait! There’s more! Christmas is still two months away, but for those of us who are wickedly impatient, the geniuses Hingston and Olsen have put together a little something something to tide the bookworms over. Meet the Ghost Box, a box of spooky stories to read in the days and weeks leading up to Halloween.

I’m a notorious wimp when it comes to spooky stuff – for example, I watched Crimson Peak two weeks ago and have been low-key scared of the dark every since – but I’m a big old sucker for the brilliant text and design of this indie, Canadian publishing company and will probably buy anything they produce, ever. And so should you!

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