Hocus Pocus by Kurt Vonnegut

I’ve been meaning to read more Vonnegut, and he’s been on my mind lately because I’m about to write a paper about Slaughterhouse-Five and TimequakeHocus Pocus isn’t part of the paper, but because I’ve got KV on my mind, it jumped to mind when I saw a call for poetry and fiction on the theme of “hocus pocus.” My half-baked dream was to photocopy some pages and fool around with some kind of erasure poetry, but I couldn’t get around to the project before the deadline passed.

It might be for the best, because it doesn’t sound like there’s anything particularly witchy about the novel anyway; from what Wikipedia tells me, it’s about a college professor who realizes the number of people he killed in the Vietnam war is exactly the same as the number of women he’s had sex with.

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