The Wrong Cat by Lorna Crozier

I first read this collection of poems about a year ago, and I’ll level with you – this was an impulse purchase based largely on title alone. Lucky for me, Lorna Crozier is a powerhouse. Her imagery is just the right balance between honest and complex, confessional and academic. I immediately underlined all my favourite lines and mailed it to my poetry pal, Katie, so that I could share them with someone as soon as possible.

I don’t often reread poetry, so I often send my poetry purchase to Katie when I’ve read them through once. Unluckily for me, now it’s a year later and I have a hankering to reread The Wrong Cat, probably because I’m searching for a way to satiate my Crozier cravings after bowling through What the Soul Doesn’t Want way too quickly. Luckily for me, nobody ever checks poetry out of the local library, so I was able to duck in and snag it as soon as the rereading urge hit.

Finally, my cat Pablo would like everyone to know he is most definitely not a wrong cat.


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