Annihilation by Jeff VanderMeer

This is not the first copy of Annihilation to enter my house after starting this project, and I have a feeling it won’t be the last. Here’s the thing about Annihilation, which I’ve mentioned many, many times before: it’s probably my most-purchased and most-gifted book of all time. This marks the fifth copy I’ve bought myself, the fourth I’ve given away, and these stats don’t include the audiobook sitting on my iPod or the three other people I’ve hyped this book up to so much that they’ve gone out and bought it themselves. I’m a one-woman Annihilation-hype machine, which actually sounds pretty catchy.

This volume was for my brunch pal Michelle’s birthday; about three-quarters of our brunch bunch has read Annihilation already, and we kept talking about it in front of her, and she kept saying it sounded cool, and then it was her birthday, so…

Long story short: the jury’s out on whether this is a thoughtful and logical gift or if I simply have an Annihilation problem.


    1. JUMP IN! I loved Borne, hands down, but Annihilation was my first love. I’d say it’s bleaker, and more uncanny, but just as good, and detailed, and smart. HIGHLY recommended.

      And ha! Good eye. I’ve mostly been watching my roomies play Horizon Zero Dawn. My big game addiction at the moment is Hollow Knight for PC. (And I highly recommend both of those too – in keeping with the post-apocalyptic theme, even!)


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