Bad Endings by Carleigh Baker

So my dirty secret is that I actually got this book from the library in August and… forgot to post about it. I took it on a plane, read it front to back, loved every minute, and then returned it to the library without taking a picture…

… but that’s okay, because I’m here to rectify the situation: I bought a copy of my very own from my dangerously wonderful local indie bookstore, and then doubled down by going to see Carleigh read at the Ottawa Writers’ Festival and getting her to sign it.

In short: this collection of stories is frank and funny and quietly sad. My favourite parts include a short story that takes place on a small island off the coast of British Columbia where I used to go camping, and several short stories which feature beekeeping. Each story is like taking a small vacation, or maybe more like a staycation; it’s like leaving your house after it’s rained and seeing everything somehow brighter and newer than it used to be, even as the storm is still dripping, sadly, around you.


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